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Fluid Identity

Group Exhibition by:
Erika Ernawan, Erik Pauhrizi, Maradita Sutantio, Rizki R Utama aka OQ, Teguh Agus Priyanto

Opening: Sat, 16 April 2011 @5pm

Public View: 17-30 April 2011

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Comment by Christiana Gouw on April 7, 2011 at 12:49pm

Heterogeneous as they are, all five exhibiting artists do address one, unified problem: that of identity. The question of identity is a very common theme, and has been explored by many artists, many times in the past. Nevertheless, it is very interesting to see how these participating artists go about developing the theme of “identity” in a fluid and open way.  


We have chosen Fluid Identity as the title of this exhibition, because we feel that this is an appropriate phrase when taken in relation to the characters found within the art works exhibited here. Great care has been given to the aspect of identity in each of these artists' work. What is more interesting is the presence of stories—narrations of how these artists have traced their identities, discovered through their contemplation of matters outside their own self. 


They demonstrate their open-mindedness through, for instance, their unusual choice of materials, or through their creative approaches, of which they are bold enough to attempt in Indonesia. I also think that they have expansive points of view, applied to good effect in highlighting additional inquiries emerging within their creative endeavors. This is evident in the variety of problems they have chosen to tackle, distinctive from one artist to the next.


Together with its attendant meaning, Fluid Identity hopes to demonstrate the potentials we can discover through diversity and fluidity. And it is an immense pleasure to be able to welcome and accommodate such great creative energies as witnessed in these young artists. The fluidity of their self-identities will become a great asset that can only enrich the shape of Indonesia's art scene. Their ability to absorb information as well as their adaptability to outside influences are important factors that will help determine our artistic paths well into the future. 


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